Inspire Your Audience Before You Say a Word


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this technique. It is super powerful!  Take a look at how many things you will be accomplishing in one sweep:

  1. By inspiring while you softly smile, you automatically help your nervous system to relax….
  2. When you look at your audience for a few seconds, while you inspire, before you say a word,  you place your attention on them, therefore you take your attention away from your feelings of vulnerability. Huge shift. All of a sudden, as you start observing your audience, you are in charge. On the unconscious level everyone in the room knows it. Never underestimate the power of the collective unconscious.
  3. This is a fantastic practice to get used to “reading” the room.
  4. This technique is a great foundation to use your eyes to engage your audience throughout your talk
  5. It works like magic! If you implement this technique exactly the way I described it, you will see how an awesome silence is created in the room. When you stand there for a little while before you say a word, calmly inspiring, taking your audience in, softly smiling, making eye contact, observing your audience…. they get sort of mesmerized! The effect is that they themselves calm down and get ready to listen to YOU!
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