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Now, I want to share with you my own project, the development of my Online Dance Academy. I am a Learning Designer, a Multimedia Producer, and an eLearning Specialist. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education from the State University of New York and a Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University. I created my Online Dance Academy because I am on a mission to pass down dances in danger of extinction to future generations. In 2008, drawing from my experience in those fields, I developed my own online initiative from scratch, which was launched in 2009.


1. My first step was to research my target audience and assess their needs. For that purpose, I developed two sets of surveys, one for dancers interested in professional development/certification courses and another one for dancers interested in simple self-paced online dance courses for fun and self-care. I also conducted one-on-one interviews and focus groups.

2. My second step was to research and  find the right LMS (Learning Management System). After exploring a variety of them, I made the right choice by picking a LMS that has every functionality imaginable integrated under one dashboard.

3. My third step was to establish clear standards, especially concerning accessible online courses and copyright laws. I made sure we comply with Section 508 of Federal Standards. I also created original content and produced or licensed the music needed for our courses.

4. To develop the online courses, I used technology combining liquid code, HTML, CSS, and java script. Most importantly, I applied a variety of adult learning theories such as andragogy, neuroscience, experiential, self-directed, and transformational learning to create courses that make a difference to our audience’s lives. I made sure that our supporting materials covered the different modalities of learning, including kinesthetic, visual, and auditory.

5. Depending on the depth and breadth of a course, I used the ADDIE model of Instructional Design (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) or I might go for the Rapid Prototyping model, which allows for more flexibility and speed.

6. For each of our programs, I designed both Formative and Summative Assessments. Depending if the course is for credit or for fun, at the end of each lesson, participants fill out a brief quiz or a brief three-question feedback form, both of which provide valuable data to understand leaner’s needs and increase retention. At the end of the course, there is always a summative assessment. If the course is for credit, I always make the grading rubric available in advance.

7. As our Online Academy expanded, my role switched more towards that of a Project Manager. I began coordinating a remote team of seven subcontractors. I had to manage multiple projects at the same time, while defining projects’ schedules and creating timelines with milestones for the different tasks within each project. In this role, maintaining documentation of a project’s progression was essential.





I am proud to say that our Online Academy has grown from one course with 10 students to 22 courses with nearly 1,000 students in 11 countries. We have also developed interactive Teacher Trainings as well as synchronous and evergreen webinars.




Formulas for success are often multifaceted, especially in the online learning field. In our case, I would highlight two main points:

  • I placed great emphasis on producing exciting multimedia courses designed specifically for our niche market, including topics in dance, wellness, culture, personal growth, beauty, self-care, dance marketing, and personal branding.
  • I constantly analyzed and enhanced the effectiveness of our e-courses, always improving them, while paying very close attention to providing the most delightful and friendly user experience possible.

Here is a link to the published project offering a variety of online courses both self-paced and interactive high-end professional development trainings. https://www.puelalunaris.com/store

Let me help you create your own online learning center! I will train you step by step and we can get your project accomplished in less than 8 weeks. Email me: booking(at)successfulpresentationskills.com or fill out the contact form on this site.


jesskaEvery dollar spent has been worth it!

Puela Lunaris has far exceeded my expectations! Her level of expertise and ability to break down every detail has made this online program feel as though I was taking an actual dance class rather than virtually.”

Jesska, Founder BaileDance Company, New York City


 “The multimedia approach is fantastic!

This online course is structured very well.  The set up is comprehensive- Puela has made sure everything the student needs is there, with updates, links and homework. I appreciated the articles and videos very much, as I know how much hard work, dedication and care that all took. This training has filled in a lot of gaps for me!”

Maureen Theresa, dancer, blogger, teacher/linguist. Walsall, United Kingdom


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